Cell Phone Monitoring For Parents

Apps With Cell Phone Monitoring For Parents And Their Benefits

Smart phones have undoubtably made many aspects of life easier for most people. However, it has also added many risks for our young kids as more time is being spent on digital platforms. These days, every child has access to the digital world on a number of devices, whether it is at home or on […]

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Chain Of Custody In Digital Forensics

What Is Chain Of Custody In Digital Forensics?

Chain of custody in digital forensics refers to the process of tracking and documenting all handling of digital evidence from the time it is seized to the time it is presented in court. This chain must be unbroken in order for evidence to be admissible in court. Each person who comes into contact with the […]

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Expert Witness Testimony

What is a Computer Forensics Expert Witness?

When it comes to handling the tools of a computer forensics, look no further. A computer forensics expert witness is a experience personnel that settles matters revolved around litigation and corporate consulting or processing. They are highly skilled professionals that can significantly contribute to the evidence pool by investigating the truth and increasing the efficiency […]

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