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Our team in Cambridge data recovery lab works with an extensive range of devices, storage configurations, and operating systems used in everyday life. Whether it’s an iPhone, flash drive, or NAS/SAN configuration, our team can secure your valuable data and recover it for you in a secure environment. Losing data can feel like a nightmare. The expert at TechFusion can help you recover your lost data from any storage device. Here are some of the common storage devices we specialize in recovering data from.

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  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • RAID Data Recovery
  • Smartphone Data Recovery
  • Mac Data Recovery

Hard Drive Data Recovery

If you use a laptop or desktop, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re saving your vital data on a hard disk drive. Due to their mechanical nature, HDDs can have failures from time to time causing you to lose your data. Our data recovery services in Cambridge have worked with all kinds of HDD failures and restored our clients data. Whether it’s a user error, virus, mechanical failure, or something else, our team at TechFusion will help restore your data today.

RAID Data Recovery

TechFusion’s data recovery services in Cambridge excel at restoring valuable data from RAID systems. Our team has been helping clients recover lost data from these highly technical data storage configurations since they first came into use. No matter what RAID level you or your business use, we have experience in it. Using our proprietary tools we can help with your data loss whether it was a logical failure, disk failure, or simple file deletion.

Smartphone & iPhone Data Recovery

What’s the most valuable device that you use every day? Chances are it’s your smartphone like an iPhone. iPhones are used by 47% of Americans. You store everything on it from photos, videos, notes, to financial documents. It’s truly your lifeline. And when disaster strikes and you lose that data, it can feel like a nightmare. From iPhones to Androids, many people experience data loss on their smartphones at some point or another. Our smartphone & iPhone data recovery team can help restore your data and end your nightmare today.

Mac Data Recovery

Macs are extremely popular desktops used by many people around the world. Their simplicity provides a good user experience making them extremely popular. Though they are an excellent product, they still can suffer from data loss. Don’t settle for free software which is only going to cost you time and money. Let our Mac technicians help today and restore your valuable data.

Allow our Mac data recovery experts restore your vital documents and precious memories.

What To Do When Data Loss Occurs

Knowing what to do when data loss occurs can be the difference between recovering your data or losing it completely. The next time you lose data on a device: take a breath and step back for a moment. Our Cambridge data recovery experts have some tips for you to minimize any damage that may have occurred.

  • Stop using the device and attempt to power it down properly.
  • Avoid pulling the power cord or removing the battery in an attempt to restart it.
  • Don’t use cheap software in an attempt to recover the files yourself.
  • Place your device in an antistatic bag and safely wrap it up.
  • As specifically as possible, write down any file or folder names which can help our technicians out in your data recovery.

Data Recovery Experts Vs. Data Recovery Software

Trying to recover your lost data by yourself? Chances are you’re probably trying to do it with inexpensive data recovery software that more often than not leads to dead ends or further corrupted files.

Instead, let Cambridge data recovery experts handle your precious day so that you can have peace of mind knowing your device is in good hands. We use advanced tools and software that are proven to work with any device and platform and can ensure your data is kept private and in the correct hands.

Certified & Secured Data Recovery Services

Knowing the team of experts you’re handing your data to use the proper protocols and procedures will make a world of difference in ensuring your data is kept private. Not only can using the wrong company mean you might never recover your data, it can also mean that your data can get into the wrong hands.

At TechFusion, our team has established a highly stringent chain of custody process that ensures only our vetted technicians will see and work on your data. Our proprietary systems have allowed our organization to build notoriety throughout our industry. It’s that same thorough process that has allowed organizations like the FBI, NASA, IBM, and The Boston Globe to enlist our services for their needs.

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With over 30 years of experience, TechFusion has worked on many high-profile cases and helped companies and government officials to solve mysterious cases. Our capability has earned us extensive local and national notoriety in both digital forensics and data recovery. Browse through our media gallery to see why TechFusion is the trusted source for all data recoverydigital forensicse-discoverycybersecurity, and ransomware

Cambridge Data Recovery Expert

Cambridge Data Recovery Experts

To help support the community, TechFusion’s data recovery services in Cambridge, CT have been helping businesses, individuals, and government departments for many years. Our Cambridge location is there to provide support 24/7 for anyone in need. Whether it may be a smartphone, hard disk drive, flash drive, or any other storage device, our team has the proprietary tools to facilitate data recovery for you or your business. Our team provides the highest security protocols in our industry to ensure the privacy of any data we help recover.

Cambridge Computer Forensics Expert

Computer Forensics Expert in Cambridge, MA

Whether it’s eDiscovery, evidence preservation, or data analysis and collection, our computer forensics experts in Cambridge can offer our technical services to businesses, individuals, lawyers, corporations, government departments, and more. Our team is here to support you and provide our services and expertise no matter your situation. We use proprietary tools to find data evidence that you may be looking for. Our computer forensics experts will collect, interpret, and protect what we find with the highest privacy protocols in the industry. Call our team today to help with your needs.

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Making sure the recovery of your data is in the right hands is of extreme importance. TechFusion has over 30 years helping clients that range from small businesses to the U.S government and multiple agencies. Our notoriety and professionalism has allowed us to work on many high profile cases over the years.

Our certified engineers and technicians stay up to date on the latest industry standards and are approved by many of the most popular and common manufacturers.

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