Mobile Device Forensics

Mobile device forensics is the use of electronic data gathering for legal evidence purposes. This can be a useful tool if you’re trying to gather criminal evidence from trails in digital information, which often gets deleted or removed from devices such as iPhones, Androids, and tablets. There are ways around these issues with the help of specialized equipment and a forensics expert.

Mobile Device Forensics

Mobile device forensics can include digital evidence stored on a mobile device, such as pictures and emails. Digital data may also be extracted from deleted communications for use in court proceedings or by law enforcement officers investigating crimes where the transmission of communication via text messages or voice mail would otherwise go unnoticed due to their long intervals between interactions with suspects who have been placed under surveillance.

Mobiles phones often serve as an important source point during investigations because they capture life’s most precious moments (elevator confessions) without any warning signs that won’t show up until after all potential leads have dried up: “where are you right now? I’m outside your building.”

What Information And Data Mobile Phone Forensics Recover

When it comes to investigating and mobile phone forensics, mobile phones are proven as one of the most valuable sources. They can provide parties in litigation with important evidence that proves wrongdoing and helps them find clues when trying to prove their cases against whoever was guilty or not at fault for an incident.

  • SMS and MMS
  • Videos & Photos
  • Audio Files, Voicemail
  • Calendar information
  • Call history
  • Browsing history
  • GPS data
  • Emails
  • Social networking
  • Bluetooth data
  • WiFi data

Cell Phone Mapping

Mobile Phone Forensic Mapping

The information we obtain from cell phone mapping is much more than just the numbers and duration of a call. Here are some of the things obtained with cell phone mapping and mobile phone forensic recovery services.

  • Forensically, mobile phones are a treasure trove of data from which you can learn who is in contact with whom, how often, and which cell tower handled a call or text message. This type forensics examines everything about the mobile device – even when it’s off!
  • Mobile phone forensics can show the location of cell towers, which may be critical in determining who is behind the call and how long was at one location.
  • A cell phone’s mapping can identify the type of call that was made and even which number was dialed.

Mobile Device Forensics For All Mobile Devices


Iphone Mobile Device

Every year, new iPhones are released and millions of people use them. This means their iOS forensics research is also updated by professionals who can examine viruses, spyware or even recover data from destroyed iPhone’s using our mobile phone forensic recovery services! Our iPhone mobile device forensics team uses the latest in technology to uncover and put together lost or deleted data for our clients. You can be sure that a team of professionals is handling your incident.


Android Mobile Device

Exploring the world of Android mobile device forensics is tough. Each manufacturer brings a different setup and data recovery can be difficult due to their differing internal makeup, but Techfusion has over 30 years of experience in this field! We will put our best effort into retrieving any lost or deleted files for your device by utilizing state-of-the-art tools on every project we take on as well as being highly efficient with both time spent AND money spent so you don’t have to worry about anything else other than getting the data that matters to you the most.

iPads and Kindles

Ipads And Kindles Forensics

Tablets have proven highly useful in both the workplace and at home. Because of this, analysts must adjust their research approach when collecting data from tablets as each device has its own internal architecture that impacts how you can collect information on them, but there’s still plenty our team can do with these devices. Rest assured, our mobile device forensics team has the experience to handle your tablet and the information you need.

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