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When you need answers, our team of Boston digital forensics investigators can help. We’ve spent over three decades providing our clients with digital and computer forensics services in the Boston, MA, area. Whether you need data interpretation, analysis, or restoration, our team of forensics specialists can collect and protect information and files stored on digital devices.

Computer and Digital Forensics Experts

Computer and digital forensics services include various methods of analyzing, verifying, or restoring digital data. While clients once turned to private investigators for similar services, our Boston computer forensics investigator team can often provide analysis, authentication, and recovery in two days or less.

We employ cutting-edge methodology and digital extraction tools to restore data from cell phones, tablets, computers, hard drives, and more. Following the extraction process, we can even help you prepare and present the critical information you need to uphold your case in court or at work.

With over 30 years of experience in computer forensics Investigations, our firm has provided services to many different types of clients, including:


When preparing for litigation, your attorneys need all the evidence they can get. Our forensics specialists at TechFusion can work with your legal team to locate evidence, inspect data, and create accurate, detailed reports to present in court.


All too often, business owners overlook the importance of protecting themselves, their staff, and their company’s reputation until it’s too late. Our team at TechFusion can help you defend your business against attacks from employees, customers, or competitors through careful data extraction and in-depth analysis.


At TechFusion, our Boston digital forensics experts work with individuals to restore lost photos, legal documents, or other data from mobile devices, hard drives, and other media sources. Alongside restoration services, we can help locate evidence during infidelity cases, divorce proceedings, and more.


As cybercrime continues to soar, government agencies may find themselves at risk of attack. Our Boston computer forensics services include comprehensive cybersecurity, ransomware, information extraction, and data restoration for local, state, and national government agencies.

Boston Digital Forensics Investigator

Boston Digital Forensics Investigators Helping Clients With

  • Business Fraud
  • Intellectual Property
  • Theft
  • Divorce Case
  • Family Law
  • Pornography
  • Infidelity
  • Employment Disputes
  • Sexual Harassments
  • Racial Harassments
  • Hacking
  • Spyware
  • Remote Access
  • Cyber-Stalking
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Social Media
  • E-Discovery
  • Digital Device Data Recovery
  • Find Missing Person
  • Verify Child Communication

Digital Forensics Services In Boston, MA

Boston Digital Forensics Investigator
  • Social Media Discovery
  • Erasure Verification
  • Evidence Preservation
  • Data Analysis and Collection
  • Litigation Support
  • Document Review
  • Expert Witness Testimony

Social Media Discovery

Nearly four billion individuals and organizations use social media worldwide. However, social media accounts can quickly become a liability, especially during a legal investigation.

We’ll safely extract and store social media, email, and other types of Cloud-based information in a secure, offline location. From there, we can provide your team with the data or analyze it using our tried and true methods, which preserve information and eliminate the risk of data loss or modifications.

Social media eDiscovery is critical to helping solve and win many cases involving online data.

Erasure Verification

Businesses often need to securely and completely erase large amounts of stored, classified data. Unfortunately, deleting digitally stored data isn’t as easy as simply selecting “erase.” In many cases, sensitive information may remain intact in secondary storage devices.

Our staff at TechFusion will completely erase hard-drive data using our multipass technique. In addition, we’ll customize our methods based on your company’s security protocols and develop processes to suit your needs, commonly used applications, and budgetary constraints.

Evidence Preservation

Despite its intangible nature, individuals and organizations must handle digital data with care. Simply turning a computer on or off can change digital files, including:

  • User-created content
  • Files stored in your ram
  • Files stored in your browsing history
  • Network logs

Our Boston digital forensics services help businesses, attorneys, and individuals recover deleted browsing history, files, and other forms of evidence. Our cutting-edge forensics investigation systems override manual processes to preserve information and eliminate the risk of further modification.

Data Analysis and Collection

At TechFusion, we provide our clientele with expert data analysis to suit various structured and unstructured data forms. Our Boston digital forensics investigators specialize in collecting, preserving, and providing storage solutions for data on both customized and mass-produced IT systems.

We utilize an advanced methodology to extract information from any digital device before relocating the data to secure, offline locations. After recovery, you and your team will be able to access the information during litigious or professional procedures.

With our years of experience, well-equipped labs, and highly trained data recovery experts, we are capable of recovering information from any media source.

Litigation Support

Our team at TechFusion uses proprietary eDiscovery services that support individuals, attorneys, and businesses throughout the litigation process. From briefs to legal research, our team offers various resources to help you succeed when it matters most.

Our diverse clientele and years of experience allow us to manage litigation processes effectively, from the civil to government level. Our analytical tools reduce costs and deliver results more quickly than other channels, while our structured and verifiable process eliminates the risk of data corruption. As a result, our team can analyze data and determine who created – or destroyed – critical information.

Document Review

When you work with our team at TechFusion, you can take advantage of premium web-based document management and review services. We work with individuals, corporate legal departments, and attorneys throughout the litigious discovery and review processes to ensure the highest level of security, accuracy, and visibility.

We carefully review digital documents and combine all of our findings in a secure report. We then verify our findings against the original document while aiding your team during legal discovery, deposition, or litigation proceedings. We can easily repeat the investigative process as many times as needed to prepare digital documents for court.

TechFusion provides an accurate, detailed chain of custody report with each review.

Expert Witness Testimony

Do you need expert witness testimony? You’re in the right place. Our team of digital forensics experts has the knowledge and experience required to provide reliable, detailed witnesses for both prosecuting and defense attorneys.

Further, we offer professional, in-depth consultation services for

  • Civil cases
  • Document production
  • Interrogations
  • Witness interviews
  • Jury selection
  • And more
Data Recovery Services

Boston Computer Forensics Investigator

At TechFusion, our Boston computer forensics services will provide you with the answers you need to settle personal, professional, or government cases. Whether you believe your spouse has had an affair or a former employee has leaked trade secrets, our trained and certified digital forensics specialists can help.

We apply a precise digital forensics process that allows us to extract unaltered data, store critical information, and provide chain-of-custody verification with every step of the way. In addition, we work with our clients to prepare and present data in a legally permissible manner to ensure that you will receive the evidence that you need to succeed in court.

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When you need a qualified, experienced Boston digital forensics investigator, trust our experts at TechFusion. We’ve spent the last three decades supporting civil, commercial, and government clients with unrivaled digital forensics services.

Our comprehensive, precise methodology enables us to extract, interpret, and analyze unaltered data from digital devices, including cell phones, tablets, hard drives, and more.

For more information on our computer forensics services in Boston, MA, please get in touch with us.