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Analyzing and piecing together deleted or lost data may be paramount to your business or legal needs. TechFusion is an industry leader and digital forensics investigator when it comes to interpreting data, resurrecting digital evidence, and collecting and protecting electronically stored data for a number of different client industries such as corporate legal, IT departments, law enforcement agencies, lawyers, individuals, human resources, and more.

Digital Forensics Services For All Device Types

TechFusion’s robust digital forensics team has the capability to extract and find data from a number of different types of devices. Our proprietary technology and data-extracting techniques allow us to uncover data that may have once seemed long gone.

Digital Forensics

Computer Forensics

Computers store a wealth of information in their drives and in their internet data. Whether you’re investigating a crime or looking into a family member, TechFusion can help uncover the evidence.

Digital Forensics

Hard Drive Forensics

Hard drives can be a gold mine of digital evidence but are difficult to investigate for the average user. Our forensic experts can help uncover hidden information from any type of hard drive.

Digital Forensics

Cell Phone & Mobile Forensics

These days, it’s rare that you meet anyone who isn’t carrying a mobile device. TechFusion’s forensic experts can find a trail of information from any mobile device from iPhones to Androids.

Digital Forensics

Social Media Forensics

From Twitter to Instagram, our forensic team knows our way around social media. We can recover deleted content, analyze account activity, and secure key digital evidence for any client’s needs.

Digital Forensics

Automotive Forensics

The data on your car’s computer carries more information than most people realize. With the amount of time people spend driving, a forensic investigation into a car’s computer can uncover crucial digital evidence.

Digital Forensics

Audio & Video Forensics

If you have audio or video that needs analyzing, TechFusion’s experts come with specialized tools and techniques that can help. Enhancing video or audio files can reveal crucial information to your case.

Digital Forensics

Find a Missing Person

A digital forensics investigation can help you find a missing person. When a loved one is lost, it can be terrifying, but TechFusion can track clues pointing to their location using digital forensics and any potential devices they have used.

Digital Forensics

Deceased Person’s Data

When somebody passes, it may result in locked data. Digital forensics can recover this information and also look into the events that lead up to their death. Whether it’s for a criminal investigation or for peace of mind, TechFusion can help.

Digital Forensics


TechFusion’s forensic experts can review and collect electronically stored data for any investigation. There are countless forms of data storage, encryption, and processing, but our team comes with years of e-discovery experience that can get the job done.

eDiscovery With Digital Forensics Services

As the internet and digital world have changed, so have the way courts view the evidence. Our eDiscovery services help prepare, review, and produce data to help you with any legal proceedings you may need. Techfusion’s eDiscovery service team is experienced and well versed in helping to prepare and find evidence and create legally admissible and defensible documents for court. 

With the help of our team, you can be confident you’ll backed by a strong, evidence-based case.


Getting ready for litigation? Our Techfusion eDiscovery services team works with lawyers and attorneys in a number of different practice areas to produce, review, and prepare important data evidence & reports.


Private organizations have must protect their employees, reputation, & business concerns. Vital evidence may be required to be prepared, produced, & reviewed to protect business concerns, assets, & employees.


Our eDiscovery services team works with individuals for all manners of cases and situations. If you require vital data and evidence to be discovered by our team, let us know and we can help and meet your needs.


TechFusion’s digital forensics investigator can help uncover evidence or data for government agencies to produce and create a strong case that meets your needs. Let our team of experts handle your next high-profile case.

Digital Forensics
  • Social Media Discovery
  • Erasure Verification
  • Evidence Preservation
  • Data Analysis and Collection
  • Litigation Support
  • Document Review
  • Expert Witness Testimony

Social Media Discovery

Social media has become an integral part of daily life. For many people, social media is an easy and intuitive way to express opinions and communicate with friends. From an investigative standpoint, social media presents a wealth of potential evidence for investigators and attorneys alike. In order to have a strong legal case, the discovery of social media evidence for litigation purposes will be necessary to present a clearer picture. TechFusion is uniquely equipped to safely capture and preserve social media and other cloud-based data in an offline format for analysis and protection.

Our social media forensics discovery services preserve cloud data in an offline format allowing to preserve data before any potential modification by the account owner. From there we analyze the complete content of the account. Our social media discovery services are able to perform both credentialed and public acquisitions. Credentialed acquisitions require username and password while public requires only the URL. We can also perform credential acquisitions on any IMAP email account like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, or custom domains.
Social media eDiscovery is critical to helping solve and win many cases involving online data.

Erasure Verification

Increasingly, in the fast-growing world of digital information, all companies and organizations are finding it necessary to delete large volumes of data from their storage systems. This is a crucial step in certain cases and can prove to be quite challenging regarding sensitive data that may remain across platforms. Techfusion offers erasure verification services to ensure that you erase your data securely and completely when necessary, thus preventing your data from falling into the wrong hands.

With new technologies, deleting data is much more than hitting the delete button. Data still remains on hard drives in hidden areas and data recovery can take place in many cases. Secure erasure, or erasure verification is the practice of using a multipass erasure method to overwrite and erase hard drive data permanently from all areas of a drive, including unallocated space. There are many levels of erasure available, each with different security protocols to suit specific applications and budgets.

TechFusion erasure solutions offer varying levels of security to fit your specific needs. We have proven methods to securely erase all data from nearly any storage device, from large RAID servers down to SSD drives or other flash memory products. Call us today to discuss your options, and for a quote.

Evidence Preservation

As data is fragile, to properly preserve data, you need the right tools and methods to ensure all potentially relevant data is captured and remains intact. This sensitive information must also be secured quickly to prevent it from being overwritten, destroyed, or otherwise compromised. In any case, having the maximum amount of data available for collection is key.

Hundreds of electronic files change or are overwritten when a computer is simply turned on. Electronic data, such as user-created files, RAM memory contents, internet history, and network logs, is inherently delicate and can be easily modified through the course of seemingly normal usage.

TechFusion can tailor-make a data preservation program suited to each individual, business, institution or organization. Our experts are trained to preserve data by forensically imaging digital devices without altering any of the data. We can retrieve deleted files, recover erased online browsing history, and preserve key evidence in criminal cases as well as in a wide variety of civil matters such as those alleging fraudulent misrepresentation, falsification of records, and concealment of product defects.

Data Analysis and Collection

Techfusion data analysis services experts understand how to analyze large volumes of structured and unstructured data stored in both commercially available and custom-built computing systems and documenting ESI (Electronically Stored Information). Our technical team has nearly three decades of experience to help clients understand data requests and deliver results accurately and quickly to financial analysts, attorneys, corporate management and individuals.

TechFusion is also a leader in forensic data collection and can provide solutions based on the requirement of any case. Our experts use the fastest and most efficient means of digital data collection, preserving data integrity in the process of gathering critical evidence to support your case.

With our years of experience, well-equipped labs, and highly trained data recovery experts, we are capable of recovering information from any media source.

Litigation Support

TechFusion is a recognized leader of comprehensive eDiscovery litigation support services that include motion drafts and briefs, legal research, and discovery support. Our flexible options and personalized service give you the edge you need to find success in the courtroom.

Drawing upon a wide range of resources and multidisciplinary experience, we help clients manage large and small litigation efforts; improve regulatory and litigation compliance; and outsource with confidence, especially in the federal litigation arena. With our early case assessment tools, we’re able to save costly discovery procedures and receive faster results.

The goal of a digital forensic examiner is to perform a structured investigation, protecting the evidence from corruption while maintaining a documented chain of custody to discover what evidence the digital device holds, and who is responsible for that evidence.

Document Review

TechFusion offers a hosted, web-based document review and management solution designed to support corporate legal departments and law firms during the toughest phase of litigation and discovery.

Our solution supports native review, native imaging, as well as TIFFs and paper-based data. Integrated production tools and a customizable workflow component allow our investigators to produce the most accurate and effective results.

Any evidence found on the digital copy is carefully documented in a “finding report” and verified with the original in preparation for legal proceedings that involve discovery, depositions, or actual litigation. A digital forensic investigation is highly disciplined and the results can be repeated and proven to be accurate, which is crucial for any digital evidence to be admissible in court.

TechFusion provides an accurate, detailed chain of custody report with each review.

Expert Witness Testimony

When it comes to digital files and testimony, no one does it better. Our team has worked for both Plaintiff Attorneys and Defense Attorneys as digital forensics investigator witnesses with exceptional results.

TechFusion digital forensics expert witnesses can provide effective and hard-hitting testimony on legal matters relating to Electronically Stored Information (ESI) evidence. We have had experience on many government cases with excellent results and wins for our clients. Call us to discuss the specifics of your case.

TechFusion services include objective and professional case consultation for critical input and analysis on the following matters:

  1. Civil Complaints & Responses
  2. Requests For Summary Judgements
  3. Responses To Summary Judgements
  4. Affidavits
  5. Production Of Documents
  6. Interrogatories
  7. Depositions
  8. Settlements
  9. Witness Interviews
  10. Trial Strategy And Jury Selection

Reveal Facts & Discover Truth With The Help Of A Digital Forensics Expert

Data Forensics is used in a wide variety of computer-related crimes including civil disputes and corporate investigations. These investigations can vary from information retrieval to reconstructing an entire series of events. Our specialized forensic experts can find evidence of and recover lost or deleted data, even if it was intentionally deleted. TechFusion offers the capabilities of professional data recovery in-house as a complement to our stringent forensic process. Our unique business allows us to make available the maximum amount of evidence possible, which leads to success in the courtroom. Trust the experts to do it right. From E-Discovery to Witness Testimony, TechFusion is ready to help.

To meet our clients’ needs and offer convenience, we have the flexibility to execute both virtual consultations or on-site consultations at our various offices like Boston, Stamford, New York, Cambridge, and Washington.

Digital Forensics Investigator

Certified Digital Media Investigator

In the world of digital forensics, it’s important to know that your vital data and litigation outcome is in the hands of industry leaders. TechFusion’s certified digital forensics experts have years of experience helping out clients get the proper data and evidence needed in order to win cases. Our detail-oriented digital forensics investigation process is structured to ensure that a proper chain of custody is maintained, evidence is legally admissible, and data is preserved properly. Our professional team of digital media investigators has conducted countless forensic investigations. We have extensive history working on multiple cases to discover evidence for government officials, businesses, law firms, and individuals with successful outcomes.

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