Data Backup and Recovery Using Digital Forensics

Data Recovery Services

Do you know what to do if your hard drive fails or if you fall victim to a ransomware attack? Millions of Americans lose access to their data due to user error, hardware failure, and malicious activity, with consequences ranging from the loss of family memories to the disruption of schools and hospitals. TechFusion serves as a leader in data backup and recovery using digital forensics.

Protect Your Essential Files With Data Backup And Data Recovery Service

One of the most effective ways to protect yourself from data loss is to back up your work regularly and securely. The cloud now offers inexpensive and secure backups for many types of storage, including:

Deleted Data Is Not Necessarily Gone Forever

Just because you move a file into a trash bin doesn’t mean it disappears. Even if you create new data on your device, it might not overwrite the existing data. This can be good news if you accidentally delete an important file or disconcerting if you need to dispose of old phones, laptops, and other devices.

Recovering Data With Digital Forensics

Data Retrieval

At TechFusion, our digital forensics investigators use computer forensics technology for rapid and confidential data retrieval services. We help individual computer users and commercial clients with our data recovery service.

TechFusion can help you reclaim deleted data and destroy sensitive data if you want to ensure it stays lost forever. Our computer forensics experts have helped many clients, including:

  • Companies facing a financial disaster due to a failure of their backup system
  • Students whose hard drives crash before a major assignment is due
  • Computer users who need to collect deleted evidence off of computers for personal legal matters
  • Executors of estates who need to recover deleted information or obtain the key to encrypted information on a deceased person’s computer

We also help law enforcement, private investigators, and other parties recover deleted information from devices after wrongdoers intentionally try to wipe or corrupt the drive in their efforts to cover their tracks. The evidence we find can exonerate the innocent, convict the guilty, and help us locate missing children.

The Data Recovery Process

Data Recovery Process

We use a streamlined, controlled approach to retrieving deleted data and data from damaged storage. A computer forensics specialist will scan the storage device, assess your file system, and determine how much they can restore or reconstitute.

During data backup and recovery using digital forensics, we might ask you questions such as:

  • How did you delete the file?
  • When and how did the computer or device fail?
  • Why do you need the recovered data?
  • Are you recovering evidence of a crime or necessary for a pending court case?

The more we know about the computers we work with, the easier it will be to achieve data backup and recovery using digital forensics.

Using Software To Recover Lost and Deleted Files

If the device still works and you accidentally delete files or corrupt the file system, we use a combination of professional and DIY software tools to restore the important files stored on your computer.

Even with freely available tools, knowing which software program to use and how to use it still requires expertise in data backup and recovery using digital forensics. Some of the most effective techniques for data restoration did not exist just a few years ago, so today’s data recovery specialists need to know the latest computer software and data processing techniques.

If you close a software program without saving documents, they might still remain on your device as a temporary file on your hard drive. We can save information from electronic devices by accessing deleted files.

It might take a more intensive data recovery effort if you overwrite your old data with new data. However, our computer forensics experts can use their in-depth understanding of your operating system to track down deleted documents even if they no longer appear in the file directory on your phone or computer.

Despite our best efforts, if our software cannot recover the deleted data, a digital forensics specialist can use more intensive methods.

Physical Data Recovery From a Damaged Data Storage Device

Physical data recovery is important for data backup and recovery using digital forensics. If the device no longer lets you access critical files due to a mechanical failure of the device or degradation of the storage medium, our technician will take the device into a clean room and take it apart.

Our data recovery specialists dismantle devices and media with physical damage. They can identify salvageable parts of the system and use advanced techniques to recover data and save it on the cloud or a new device.

Working With Stored Data After Successful Data Recovery

What we do with data after we pull it from computers and other devices depends on the circumstances.

Many of our clients are typical computer users who need our help with the reclamation of data they rightfully own.

In other cases, such as when police need to find evidence on a seized device, we will follow protocols to protect the evidence so our clients can use it in court.

Professional Data Backup and Recovery Services by TechFusion

Modern computer forensics tools enable us to obtain data from compromised storage systems and migrate them to new data storage media, including cloud storage. We specialize in data backup and recovery.

If you’ve lost your computer data, recover it with TechFusion. We’re the #1 provider of data backup and data recovery services.

Our data recovery experts will do whatever they can to salvage your deleted files and lost data. Call TechFusion at 617-491-1001 or reach us online to discuss data backup and recovery using digital forensics.