When shipping important media to Techfusion always assume the worst will happen. For example, ship your package with the belief that a carrier may drop it. Taking this precaution (with others described below) has resulted in no shipping issues to Techfusion in over 20 years.

The damaged media should be wrapped in anti-static bubble wrapanti-static foam or an anti-static bag. The box should allow for no movement and the media should be secure.

  1. Ship multiple drives in separate boxes.
  2. Consider getting insurance on any hardware that has significant value.
  3. Make sure the package is addressed to Techfusion Corporation 87 Blanchard Road, 2nd Floor, Cambridge MA 02138.
  4. Fill out our General Shipping Form  or Mobile Device Shipping Form and include it inside the package.

If necessary, a customer service representative will contact you for more information on your device. We will keep you updated on the status of the recovery as information becomes available from our engineering department. Please note, prior arrangements are necessary before shipping in devices for forensic investigation. Thank you for choosing TechFusion!