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When it comes to storing valuable data in our every day lives, we use dozens of different devices, storage configurations, and a number of different operating systems. While these devices have backup storage capabilities, they can all suffer from data loss which can cause us to lose sleep. TechFusion’s services of data recovery in Stamford, CT has over 30 years of experience working on everything from iPhones to hard disk drives to RAID systems. Our data recovery services can restore your data so you can get back to your daily routine once again.

  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • RAID Data Recovery
  • Smartphone Data Recovery
  • Mac Data Recovery

Hard Drive Data Recovery

One of the most common storage devices we use every day are hard disk drives. Our photos, videos, school work, or even financial information is stored on these making them extremely valuable. HDDs can suffer from a variety of failures like mechanical or viruses which causes them to lose data. Our data recovery experts in Stamford have years of experience restoring data from every brand and configuration of hard disk drives.

RAID Data Recovery

One of the more complicated data storage configurations are RAID systems. These highly technical systems use a number of disk drives to work together to improve speed and reliability. However, even RAID systems have data loss. Our data recovery services in Stamford have experience restoring valuable data on all level of RAID systems since they started becoming used. Let our team help recovery your data whether you have multiple disk failures, file deletion, or logical failures.

Smartphone Data Recovery

Every day we take photos, videos, write notes, and record all forms of valuable data to our smartphones. They’re the single most used tool that gets us through our daily lives. Whether you own an iPhone or Android, you may have lost some valuable data on your smartphone before. Our data recovery experts in Stamford work on all types of smartphones to restore your precious memories, important notes, and much more. Learn more about how we can recover your data today.

Mac Data Recovery

Since their inception, Macs have been one of the most popular desktop computers in the world. Though they have a solid backup storage option, many users still lose valuable data. Trying to recover data with free software is usually a waste of tine and money. Let our team of technicians help recover the data from your Mac today.

Let our Mac data recovery experts restore your vital documents and precious memories.

Digital Forensics
Experts In Stamford, CT

At the forefront of today’s technologically advanced world is protecting individuals and businesses alike. Online data evidence can be prudent to ensuring the safety of business and individuals and our digital forensics experts in Stamford are well equipped and experienced to help you out. Our team can interpret, collect, and protect valuable data you may need for possible litigation. We also excel in expert witness testimony, evidence preservation, document review,and more. We work with a number of industries and can help prepare your legal team if the need should arise.

  • Social Media Discovery
  • Erasure Verification
  • Evidence Preservation
  • E-Discovery
  • Data Analysis and Collection
  • Litigation Support, Document Review, Expert Witness

Cyber Security

It happens to almost every business at some point. Predatory hackers find a vulnerability in your network and penetrate it looking for valuable data to expose. Now, more than ever, protecting your business with a cybersecurity team and risk assessment team is vital to the success and future of your organization. Our team can assess your current situation and design and develop a cybersecurity structure that will add multiple layers of protect to your data to minimize any risk of a breach.


In happens to many of us from time to time. We click the link on a suspicious email, visit a shady looking website. These are two common ways that ransomware can get onto your system or network. In fact, 50% of companies become victim to these ransomware attacks every year. Hackers will get into your system and try and expose valuable data for financial gain. Luckily for you, our ransomware team has extensive experience working in dozens of situations and can help you protect your assets.

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With over 30 years of experience, TechFusion has worked on many high-profile cases and helped companies and government officials to solve mysterious cases. Our capability has earned us extensive local and national notoriety in both digital forensics and data recovery. Browse through our media gallery to see why TechFusion is the trusted source for all data recoverydigital forensicse-discoverycybersecurity, and ransomware

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From financial documentation to patient info or photos and videos, losing data can be a crippling feeling. That’s why our TechFusion data recovery experts in Stamford are help to help ease your stress. Whether it’s a simple USB stick, a smartphone, or a complicated RAID setup, we have over 30 years of experience recovering data for our clients. Our certified technicians use proprietary tools to tackle your data loss and to make you whole again. There’s no need to panic when discovering you’ve lost data — give our tech team at TechFusion a call to help end those sleepless nights.

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In need of an experienced team that can piece together data evidence for you or your legal team? Our computer forensics experts in Stamford are experienced in eDiscovery, document review, evidence preservation, and much more. Our technicians and advisors are ready to work with you to ensure your evidence is secure, properly collected, and thoroughly interpreted. Our staff is here to make your life easier. We can ensure a strong legal case is helped put together should that situation arise. Call our computer forensics team in Stamford today and let us help.

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