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Audio forensics is the collection, analysis, and assessment of sound recordings with the intention for the information to be used in a court of law or for the purposes of other organized institutions. A forensic audio analysis may be useful in a variety of investigations including criminal investigations, civil disputes, fraud, accident investigations, and more.

TechFusion’s team can analyze audio from any source, whether a file saved is on a drive or a file is stored directly on a recording device. Depending on a client’s needs, we conduct a comprehensive forensic sound analysis including, authenticating audio, enhancing audio, and interpreting and documenting sonic evidence.

Sound Sources For Forensic Audio Analysis

Our audio analysis experts have experience investigating all types of sound files. We understand the nuances of different audio types and use specialized methods to extract sonic data needed to suit our client’s intentions.

  • Phone calls
  • Mobile recordings
  • Voice mail messages
  • Automated call center recording
  • 911 dispatch
  • Audio recorders
  • Law enforcement dash cameras
  • Law enforcement wiretaps
  • CCTV surveillance audio
  • Online sound files
Audio Forensics Analysis

Evidence Collection for Forensic Sound Analysis

TechFusion’s audio forensics team ensures that our services are performed on par with the best industry practices. This includes making sure that the media provided to our lab is in line with industry standards. According to The Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence (SWGDE) the best practices for obtaining audio evidence are as follows:

Acceptable Retrieval:

Our lab must receive audio files in a way that is as close to the original condition as possible. If the sound files are stored on removable media such as CD, DVD, or memory card, or on a digital recording system, the original media or recording device should be provided along with any additional cables, accessories, power supplies, or access codes. From here, our team will create a forensic image of the original, or complete a file transfer of the data from the original.

Original Recordings:

If possible, our experts should perform the forensic sound analysis on an original copy of the sound file or the earliest available version. If the original recording is on analog media, the copy can never be exact. However, if the original file is digital, an exact copy of the audio bitstream can be made without loss of quality.

Chain of Custody:

To remain admissible in court, the chain of custody of audio evidence must be recorded and examined. This includes documentation of the source of the audio evidence, how it was delivered and handled by audio forensic experts, and how it was delivered to the courtroom. Our team keeps a careful record of the audio evidence that comes into our lab to ensure the sonic data is useful in litigation.

Audio Analysis Expert Services

Audio Analysis Expert Services

Our audio forensics experts offer a number of services to optimize the audio analysis for every project. We can work with audio files of any size and quality to extract essential information while maintaining the integrity of the original file. No matter the purpose of the investigation, we create a custom forensic sound analysis plan to meet each client’s needs.

Establish Evidence Authenticity

In today’s digital landscape, advanced editing software is readily accessible, so it’s easy for an audio file to be tampered with. Our forensic team can detect instances of tampering to determine a file’s authenticity.

Enhance Audio

In instances where audio quality is poor, a sound clip can be enhanced with various filters to remove undesirable background noise. This allows dialogue or low-level sounds to be understood more clearly.

Identify Speakers

Voice comparison analysis can be used to prove or disprove an individual as the speaker on an audio file. Using forensic computer software, each line of dialogue can be compared and analyzed against one another to identify speakers.

Document Sonic Evidence

Once the audio has optimal clarity, our audio analysis experts can provide a complete forensic transcription of the recording. We can also add insight to an incident by reconstructing a timeline of events based on the audio evidence.

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TechFusion’s audio analysis experts have investigated thousands of sound files that have proven useful for numerous legal entities and corporate clients in court. With over 30 years of experience and a track record of success, our team is recognized as leaders in the audio forensics field.

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